TechXSurf is a series of 4-day to one week long escapes -  

with surfing at their core, but a lot of food and music on the sidelines. As a strictly non-commercial networking escape - everyone working on it and joining does it for the joy of 

connecting over amazing experiences. 

So leave your business card and bring your boardshorts or bikini. 

People, Places x Rules of Engagement!

The Start -unconferencing 

TechXSurf started in 2016, after the cancellation of a Twitter conference in San Francisco - and the want and need to still connect with colleagues and partners over a great experience. 

So 15 loosely connected people from 6 different countries went to Peniche - the Portuguese mecca of surf lifestyle. For four days we surfed, hustled up in jacuzzi teams, ate octopus and connected.

In 2018 we are hosting a couple of fun-escapes: the 7th Edition of TechXSurf will again take place in Peniche, for the first time there will be a TechSurfers Arctic escape and TechXSnow is in the making for 2019. 

All of them will focus on fun - not on minute schedules or introductory rounds. So if that is your thing -

join us!  

The Flow - what´s happening 

No, you don´t have to be a surfer to join. We usually have a mix of annoyingly proficient surfers, lifestyle lovers and absolute newbies. 

We organize one set experience a day - evening dinner with drinks, rooftop parties or bonfire bbq on cliffs. Apart from that everyone finds their little group depending on whether they wanna surf three times a day or just hang in a jacuzzi. Each to their own. 

We believe people find each other naturally by energy - instead of industry or job matches. Also, yes it´s called TechXSurf - but if you wanna bring a friend, partner or date (yeah that happened) from any other "industry" that is more than welcome. 

The Next Escapes - TechXSurf 8 x 9

In 2019 TechXSurf will take place in Peniche, Lofoten Islands and for the first time in Taiwan. Join us for a four day escape in Portugal, with  drinks and dinner in our little Lisbon city villa, featuring local music mastermind Mike Stellar and friends. After that we head an hour north to stay at Surfers Lodge Peniche, which is not only close to all the breaks and beaches but is a destination in its on right. 

Or for the second round of Arctic Surf - a one week long coldwater escape to Lofoten Islands, with the infamous "Rotating Rorbu" dinner x party that takes places over 6 fishermans huts, icy waves followed by hot cinnamon buns and - if lucky - hot tubbing under the Northern Lights. 

Also for the first time we will hit the half empty line-ups of Taiwan for a week full of bbq, gorges, thermal water pools and Taifun waves. 

The People - who is coming 

You - hopefully. If you are keen on surf or trying it out and have an open mindset and don´t mind organizing bits and pieces for yourself. 

Apart from that we are always a pretty mixed group - not only in terms of surf affinity - but also in terms of age, profession, nationality and what not. The more diverse the better!

For the 4-day escapes we take a maximum of fourty people, the Arctic Surf takes twenty. Bring a friend, partner or co-worker, but not a whole group - as our experience show that that makes mingling unlikely. 

If you wanna get a better visual idea - take a look at our gallery